Pilgrims are busy throwing stones at the devil in Jamrat-ul-Kubra

Muslim pilgrims perform the symbolic stoning of the devil ritual, as part of the Hajj pilgrimage in Mina near Saudi Arabia's holy city of Mecca, on July 9, 2022. (Photo by Christina ASSI / AFP)

Hajj pilgrims have entered the final stages of performing Hajj and today they are completing the process of stoning the devil in Jamrat-ul-Kubra.

According to the AFP news agency, pilgrims from all over the world arrived in Mina near Mecca in groups to perform religious duties and are throwing stones at the devil in all three places.

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After limited Hajj for the last two years due to Code-19, this year a large number of Muslims from all over the world are present in the Holy Land to perform Hajj.

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Only a few thousand people came for Hajj in 2020 and 60,000 Muslims were able to perform Hajj in 2021. All these pilgrims came from Saudi Arabia and due to travel restrictions imposed due to Code-19. Arrivals were banned.

Earlier in 2019, about 2.5 million Muslims from around the world performed the Hajj, and the Hajj is generally considered to be the largest religious gathering in the world.

This year, one million Muslims were allowed to be vaccinated with the corona vaccine.

The administration said that about 900,000 pilgrims were present on Friday, out of which about 780,000 have come from abroad.

Photo Thanks to Arab News
The last two years have been frustrating for Muslims around the world who have been waiting for years to pay for the Hajj.

According to the report, Hajj paper costs about ڈالر 5,000 per person, while those who come to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah in addition to pilgrims are an important part of the Saudi economy.

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Saudi Arabia’s economy typically generates an annual profit of 12 12 billion.

Pilgrims will visit the Ka’bah for the last Tawaf after throwing in the Jamrat al-Kubra and will perform an important duty by circling around the Ka’bah.

* Photo: Courtesy Arab News
Pilgrims will finally offer sacrifices, which is a key element of Eid al-Adha.

Pilgrims prayed at Arafat Square last Friday where millions of Muslims were present.

Several groups of pilgrims were holding umbrellas in their hands to escape the heat and were reciting Qur’anic verses aloud at the place where the Holy Prophet had delivered his farewell sermon.

After sunset, they left for Muzdalifah, where they slept in the open air the night before Rami.

Code concerns
The Saudi government has instructed pilgrims to wear masks, but most pilgrims are performing the rituals without a mask, raising concerns about code-19.

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During the Hajj, corona cases are on the rise not only in the region but also around the world, and restrictions on corona have been tightened in some Gulf countries.

Pilgrims were required to first submit proof of complete vaccination and a negative PCR test report.

It should be noted that the total number of people infected with the corona virus in Saudi Arabia so far has exceeded 795,000 while 9,000 deaths have occurred.

According to officials, more than 67 million vaccines have been administered in Saudi Arabia, while the country’s total population is more than 34 million.

The Hajj is performed according to the Hijri calendar and is difficult even in ordinary circumstances, but this year the pilgrims are facing difficulties due to Corona as well as the hot sun and the temperature rising to 44 degrees Celsius.


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